Assessing Your Property for a Solar Power System Installation

There are many ways we consider in installing a solar power system into your home. Therefore, it’s paramount to assess your average energy consumption, solar power potential according to your location, roof or yard structure. You may be wondering how many solar panels are needed to power an average house, but it can vary greatly on your needs and preferences.

Huge Advantages of Using Solar Power

1. It’s Environment Friendly

Being a renewable source of energy, solar is more environmentally friendly than most other sources. Solar panels produce clean energy with no greenhouse gases produced and don’t pollute the water either.

The panels do not need water to stay cool (unlike nuclear reactors) and work silently. This makes it the cleanest way of generating energy without using up water, releasing carbon dioxide, or even producing any noise. You can thus use these panels in domestic and business settings and never worry about pollution.

2. Low to Electricity Bills
With the panels already installed and generating electricity, your demand for electricity from your utility supplier will reduce significantly. It is a great option if you are concerned about your financial bottom line as well as the planet.

With high quality insulation most people have seen their solar panels produce more energy than they need for their homes, pushing the surplus back to the grid. This means more grants your way and reduced energy bills in the long run. The best thing about going solar is the fact that you start noticing savings as soon as the panels are installed and working. Many even see savings a day after the system is installed.

3. Solar Energy Is Universal

Solar energy particularly comes in handy in off-grid regions with no access to electricity. They can thus be deployed anywhere on the globe and generate clean energy for as long as the sunshine. With millions of people off the grid, solar is the way to go. In addition to this, solar panels have been used in spacecraft and boats to generate free and unlimited energy.

4. No Electricity Lost

There however aren’t energy losses with solar energy. This is because the solar panels are installed on-site, increasing their efficiency while keeping transmission losses to the minimum.

5. Improved Grid Security

The more solar transmission points tied to the grid there are, the lower the likelihood of blackouts within the area. As more and more people embrace solar energy, the load on the grid reduces significantly, which again reduces the risk of blackouts, among other disruptions.


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