Fire Alarm System is designed to alert us to an emergency so that we can take action to protect ourselves, staff and the general public.

Fire alarms are found in Offices, Factories, and public buildings, they are a part of our everyday routine but are often overlooked until there is an emergency at which point, they might just save our lives.

Whatever the method of detection is, if the alarm is triggered, sounders will operate to warn people in the building that there may be a fire and to evacuate.

Different Types of Fire Alarm Detectors 

At the core of a fire alarm system are the detection devices, from sophisticated intelligent smoke detectors to simple manually operated break glass units, there are a wide array of different types, but we can divide them into groups including:

– Heat detectors

– Smoke detectors

– Carbon Monoxide detectors

– Multi-sensor detectors

– Manual Call Points

Different Types of Fire Alarm Systems

Fire Alarm Systems can be broken down into four main types;

– Conventional

– Addressable

– Intelligent

– Wireless

We hope you enjoyed this short introduction to Fire Alarm Systems.

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